Public Revenue MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

11. Special assessment is also known as

  1. Tax Revenue
  2. Battement Levy
  3. VAT
  4. None of the above

12. Impact of a tax refers to

  1. Final money burden
  2. Immediate money burden
  3. Indirect real burden
  4. None of the above

13. After levying of a tax, if the price does not rise at all, it means that

  1. Incidence of the tax remains with producer
  2. Tax has been shifted backward
  3. Shifting has taken place
  4. Any of the above

14. Which factor has no role in the shifting of a tax?

  1. Change in prices
  2. Elasticity of demand and supply
  3. Nature of Demand
  4. Income of the consumer

15. Pick out the statement which is not true with regard to tax shifting

  1. A purely local tax can be shifted if it is heavy.
  2. A purely local tax shifted if it is light
  3. Shifting becomes difficult if the people purchase from outside the locality
  4. None of the above

16. Pick out the incorrect statement.

  1. In the short period, shifting of a tax is easy
  2. In the long period shifting of a tax is easy
  3. When supply is elastic, shifting is easy
  4. None of the above

17. Pick out the tax which is not a part of indirect tax

  1. Excise Duty
  2. Sales Tax
  3. Entertainment Tax
  4. Corporate Tax

18. Pick out the characteristic which is not true of direct tax

  1. Simplicity
  2. Elasticity
  3. Creates Civic Consciousness
  4. Encourages savings and investment

19. Pick out the factor which is not a feature of indirect taxes

  1. Convenience
  2. Tax evasion is difficult
  3. Fair to the poor
  4. Powerful tool of economic policy

20. Pick out the factor which is not a demerit of indirect taxes

  1. Unjust to poor
  2. Inflationary in nature
  3. A tool of economic policy
  4. High administrative cost

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