Production and Material Management MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

11. The ability to rapidly increase or decrease production levels or shift production capacity quickly from one product or service to another is called

  1. capacity uncertainty
  2. capacity alteration
  3. capacity flexibility
  4. capacity certainty

12. Which type of layout is a combination of functional layout and line layout.

  1. Cellular
  2. Group
  3. Product
  4. Process

13. Who among the following is associated with contributions to quality control in operations management?

  1. Charles Babbage
  2. Henry Ford
  3. Frank Gilbreth
  4. W Edwards Deming

14. The advantage of locating a plant in urban (city) side is

  1. cheap availability of land
  2. disposal of waste is easy
  3. cost of operation is low
  4. large markets for finished products

15. Which of the following method is used for recording path of movement during method study?

  1. Chronocyclographs
  2. Simo chart
  3. Two handed process chart
  4. therblig

16. Ship Building and Aircraft manufacturing is an example of....................type of layout.

  1. combined
  2. matrix
  3. fixed
  4. group

17. In which type of production system the unit cost of production is low?

  1. Combined production
  2. Continuous production
  3. Intermittent production
  4. Custom production

18. The first activity of purchasing cycle is

  1. Communicating requirement to the purchase
  2. Source selection and development
  3. Recognizing the need for procurement
  4. Inspection of goods

19. Chances of accidents are more in.......................manufacturing system.

  1. continuous
  2. intermittent
  3. hybrid
  4. job shop

20. Maintenance cost is more in.....................manufacturing system.

  1. continuous
  2. intermittent
  3. hybrid
  4. job shop

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