Organizational Behavior Question and Answer

81. Mintzberg concluded that managers perform 10 different, highly interrelated roles. Which of the following is one of the broad categories into which these roles could be grouped?

  1. Intrapersonal
  2. Institutional
  3. Decisional
  4. affective

82. Most of the learning that takes place in the Class room is

  1. Classical conditioning
  2. Operant conditioning
  3. Cognitive learning
  4. Social learning

83. Most valuable asset in an organization is

  1. Land and building
  2. Cash and bank balances
  3. Human being
  4. technology

84. Mr. Manoj, Manager ABC Company found that skills of workers and machinery used by them as compared to the competitors in the market are obsolete within a year, which type of challenge ABC Company is facing?

  1. High Quality and Low Quality
  2. Globalization and Culture
  3. Rapid Pace of Change
  4. Multiple Stakeholders

85. Mr. Sunils one-day salary was deducted because of his uninformed leave, as he was already warned about this behaviour. It is an example of which method of shaping behaviours?

  1. Reinforcement
  2. Positive Reinforcement
  3. punishment
  4. Negative Reinforcement

86. Mr.Balu is late for work each day by about ten minutes. How would attribution theory describe this behaviour?

  1. It shows consensus.
  2. It shows similarity.
  3. It shows reliability.
  4. It shows consistency

87. Mr.Dirash has a job which pays an excellent salary. He has a good relationship with his peers and his supervisors. He also likes the fact that the company policy fits well with what he personally believes, and that he has received cnsiderable recognition for his achievements at the company. Which of these factors is MOST likely responsible for the fact that Dirash loves his job?

  1. High compensation
  2. Good nature of peer relationships
  3. Good nature of supervisor relationships
  4. Recognition for his achievements

88. Mr.Sajeev rated Mr. Rajiv high in his job evaluation because both belong to same area and graduated from the same University. It is an example of:

  1. Central Tendency
  2. Halo effect
  3. Similar-to-me effect
  4. Misperception

89. Operant conditioning argues that .

  1. behavior is reflexive
  2. behavior is unlearned
  3. behavior is a function of its consequences
  4. the tendency to repeat a behavior is very strong

90. Organization Behavior is

  1. An interdisciplinary approach
  2. A humanistic approach
  3. Total system approach
  4. All of these

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Organizational Behavior Question and Answer

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