Organizational Behavior MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

31. According to operant conditioning, when behaviour is not reinforced, what happens to the probability of that behaviour occurring again?

  1. It increases.
  2. It declines.
  3. It remains unchanged.
  4. It becomes zero.

32. According to Robert Katz, when managers have the mental ability to analyze and diagnose complex situations, they possess......................skills.

  1. Technical
  2. Leadership
  3. Problem-solving
  4. Conceptual

33. According to....................employees love work as play or rest

  1. X theory
  2. Y theory
  3. Z theory
  4. None of these

34. All the following are dimensions of Intellectual ability EXCEPT:

  1. Inductive reasoning
  2. Dynamic strength
  3. Deductive reasoning
  4. Number aptitude

35. An enduring attribute of a person that appears constantly in a variety of situation is

  1. behavior
  2. trait
  3. attitude
  4. culture

36. An OB study would be least likely to be used to focus on which of the following problems?

  1. an increase in absenteeism at a certain company
  2. a fall in productivity in one shift of a manufacturing plant
  3. a decrease in sales due to growing foreign competition
  4. an increase in theft by employees at a retail store

37. As a manager, one of Jamess duties is to present awards to outstanding employees within his department. Which Mintzberg managerial role is James acting in when he does this?

  1. leadership role
  2. liaison role
  3. monitor role
  4. figurehead role

38. As per Stimulus-Response Model, input for behaviour process is

  1. Drive
  2. Organism
  3. Stimuli
  4. Response

39. Basis of Autocratic Model of OB is

  1. Economic resources
  2. Power
  3. Leadership
  4. Partnership

40. Basis of Collegial Model of OB is

  1. Economic resources
  2. Power
  3. Leadership
  4. Partnership

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