Organizational Behavior MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

101. Sathish has a low absenteeism rate. He takes responsibility for his health and has good health habits. He is likely to have a(an):

  1. Internal locus of control
  2. External locus of control
  3. Core locus of control
  4. High emotional stability level

102. Scientific Management approach is developed by

  1. Elton Mayo
  2. Henry Fayol
  3. F.W. Taylor
  4. A. Maslow

103. Select the correct hierarchical order of qualities of an individual

  1. Ability-Skills- Aptitude- Competency
  2. Aptitude-Ability- Skills- Competency
  3. Skills- Aptitude- Competency- Ability
  4. Competency-Ability-Skills- Aptitude

104. S-O- B-A Model combines the S-R Model and

  1. Stimuli
  2. Response
  3. Human being
  4. drive

105. Sobha is an honest and straightforward person. She believes her employees are all similarly honest and straightforward, ignoring signs that they may be manipulating her. What perceptual shortcut is Sobha most likely using?

  1. Contrast effect
  2. Halo effect
  3. Stereotyping
  4. Projection

106. Sociable, talkative, assertive etc are features of

  1. introversion
  2. agreeableness
  3. extroversion
  4. conscientiousness

107. Some people strongly believe that each person have control of his own life. This is

  1. extroversion
  2. conscientiousness
  3. internal locus of control
  4. external locus of control

108. Some people think that what happens to them is a result of fate, chance, luck etc, this is

  1. extroversion
  2. conscientiousness
  3. internal locus of control
  4. external locus of control

109. Suspending an employee for dishonest behaviour is an example of which method of shaping behaviour?

  1. Extinction
  2. negative reinforcement
  3. punishment
  4. reaction

110. Syam is always late coming to work and the manager cut his increment. This is an example of.

  1. positive reinforcement
  2. negative reinforcement
  3. Punishment
  4. extinction

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