Organizational Behavior MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

91. Organization Behavior is not a /an

  1. A separate field of study
  2. Applied science
  3. Normative science
  4. Pessimistic approach

92. Over the past two decades, business schools have added required courses on people skills to many of their curricul. Why have they done this?

  1. Managers no longer need technical skills in subjects such as economics and accounting to succeed.
  2. There is an increased emphasis in controlling employee behavior in the workplace.
  3. Managers need to understand human behavior if they are to be effective.
  4. These skills enable managers to effectively lead human resources departments.

93. People with which type of personality trait commonly make poor decisions because they make them too fast?

  1. Type As
  2. Type Bs
  3. Self-monitors
  4. Extroverts

94. Person-Job fit means

  1. Persons physical fitness match with the job
  2. Persons skills match with the job
  3. Persons contributions match with the incentives offered by the organization
  4. Persons education match with the job

95. Praveen is dissatisfied with his job but believes that his supervisor is a good man who will do the right thing. Praveen has decided that if he just waits, conditions will improve. Praveens approach to this problem is termed as:

  1. Exit
  2. Voice
  3. Loyalty
  4. Neglect

96. Process or administrative theory of organization is being given by

  1. Elton Mayo
  2. Henry Fayol
  3. F.W. Taylor
  4. Max Weber

97. Psychologys major contributions to the field of organizational behavior have been primarily at what level of analysis?

  1. the level of the group
  2. the level of the individual
  3. the level of the organization
  4. the level of the culture

98. Raju believes that men perform better in oral presentations than women. What shortcut has been used in this case?

  1. The halo effect
  2. The contrast effect
  3. Projection
  4. Stereotyping

99. Responsible, dependable, persistent and achievement oriented are features of

  1. introversion
  2. agreeableness
  3. extroversion
  4. conscientiousness

100. Robert Katz identified three essential skills that managers need to have in order to reach their goals. What are these skills?

  1. technical, decisional and interpersonal
  2. technical, human, and conceptual
  3. interpersonal, informational and decisional
  4. conceptual, communication and networking

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