Operations Management MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

21. All of the following are differences between manufacturing and service operations EXCEPT

  1. Quality is more easily measured in service operations
  2. Productivity is easier to measure in manufacturing operations
  3. Contact with customers is more prevalent with persons working in service operations
  4. Accumulation or decrease in inventory of finished products is more applicable to manufacturing operations

22. Henry Ford is noted for his contributions to

  1. Quality control
  2. Assembly line operations
  3. Scientific management
  4. Standardization of parts

23. is an information management system that connects all departments and disciplines within a company making them an integrated unit.

  1. Enterprise asset management
  2. Entrepreneurship development
  3. Manpower planning
  4. None of these

24. Which of the following is the objective of motion study?

  1. To eliminate all non-productive and ineffective motions
  2. To develop more effective and productive patterns of movements
  3. a and b
  4. None

25. ...............is a Computer software programs that allow a designer to carry out geometric transformations rapidly.

  1. Tally
  2. Computer-aided design
  3. a andb
  4. None of these

26. ...............is measure of the quantity of output per unit of input.

  1. Productivity
  2. Marketability
  3. Sociability
  4. None of these

27. ...............is the process of testing the feasibility of master production schedules in terms of capacity.

  1. Rough-cut capacity planning
  2. Manpower planning
  3. Financial planning
  4. all of these

28. Which of the following is not an objective of operation management?

  1. To improve product quality
  2. To reduce cost of production
  3. Material cost control
  4. Trading on equity

29. Which of the following records quantity of material only

  1. Bin card
  2. Stores ledger
  3. Bill of materials
  4. None of these

30. Which one of the following is not an objective of maintenance management?

  1. To reduce breakdown of machineries
  2. To keep the machines and other facilities in a bad condition
  3. To keep the plant in good working condition
  4. all of these

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