Operations Management MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

111. Walter Shewhart developed:

  1. the economic order quantity model
  2. The human factors engineering field
  3. Linear programming models
  4. Statistical quality control techniques

112. Which of the following is a function of purchasing department?

  1. Receive purchase requisition
  2. Supplier selection
  3. Order placement
  4. all of these

113. ...............is the quantity that should be carried by the company so that production is not affected before the next deliver arrives.

  1. Minimum stock level
  2. Maximum stock level
  3. Re order level
  4. all of these

114. The moving assembly line was developed by:

  1. Elton Mayo
  2. Frederick W Taylor
  3. Clark Gable
  4. Henry Ford

115. ...............is used to monitor characteristics that can be measured and have a continuum of values such as height, weight, volume etc.

  1. Control chart of attributes
  2. Control chart for variables
  3. a and b
  4. None of these

116. VED Analysis is related with

  1. Materials
  2. Spare parts
  3. Labour
  4. Overheads

117. ...............is used to monitor characteristics that have discrete values and can be counted

  1. Control chart for variables
  2. Control chart for attributes
  3. a and b
  4. None of these

118. Which of the following cost is associated with inventories?

  1. Carrying cost
  2. Ordering cost
  3. Over stocking cost
  4. all of these

119. Which of the following factor affects the choice of the plant location selection decision?

  1. Capital requirement
  2. Government policy
  3. Climate conditions
  4. all of these

120. Which of the following is not a control chart for variables?

  1. X Chart
  2. R Chart
  3. P Chart
  4. None of these

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