Operations Management MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

101. ...............decision is the systematic process of determining a geographic site for a firms operations.

  1. Plant location
  2. Plant layout
  3. Product lay out
  4. none of these

102. In this sampling plan, the inspection results of two sample sizes are used to decide whether to accept or reject the complete lot.

  1. Single sampling plan
  2. Double sampling plan
  3. Questionnaire
  4. Census investigation

103. The layout in which all the equipmentsperforming similar tasks are grouped together is called

  1. product lay out
  2. Process lay out
  3. Combination lay out
  4. None of these

104. Which of the following is a part of cost of quality?

  1. Prevention cost
  2. Appraisal cost
  3. Failure cost
  4. all of these

105. Which of the following affect the choice of plant location decision?

  1. Proximity to markets
  2. Supply of materials
  3. a and b
  4. none of these

106. Which of the following is material handling equipment?

  1. Hand truck
  2. Pulley blocks
  3. Conveyors
  4. all of these

107. The founder of the scientific management movement was:

  1. Frank Gilbreth
  2. Walter Shewhart
  3. Frederick WTaylor
  4. Ford Harris

108. Which of the following is a way of codification?

  1. Numerical code
  2. Mnemonic code
  3. alpha-numeric code
  4. all of these

109. The Hawthorne Studies stimulated the development of:

  1. The scientific management movement
  2. The human relations movement
  3. The socio-technical movement
  4. The lean production movement

110. The process of buying large quantities of items when its price is low so that tentative profits can be obtained by selling them at higher prices is called

  1. Speculative purchasing
  2. Group purchasing
  3. Tender purchasing
  4. None of these

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