Marketing Management MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

181. Permanent rural market with continuous trading activity is called

  1. Regular periodic market
  2. Seasonal market
  3. Daily market
  4. Rural market

182. Markets which are organized and regulated by statutory measure are

  1. Regulated markets
  2. Unregulated markets
  3. World market
  4. None of these

183. Branding is a function of

  1. Research
  2. Exchange
  3. Physical supply
  4. Facilitating

184. Risk bearing is a function of

  1. Research
  2. Exchange
  3. Physical supply
  4. Facilitating

185. The Concept of USP was introduced by

  1. Rosser Reeves
  2. Theodre Levitt
  3. NH Borden
  4. None of them

186. Markets popularly known as haats and shandies are

  1. Rural
  2. Urban
  3. National
  4. none of these

187. not a consumer promotion scheme

  1. Samples
  2. Advertising material
  3. Coupons
  4. Rebates

188. ..........distribution system can be used to penetrate the rural market.

  1. Satellite
  2. selective
  3. exclusive
  4. intensive

189. SEM means ..........

  1. Search engine marketing
  2. Social environment marketing
  3. save energy marketing
  4. none of these

190. Departmental store is an example of

  1. Second hand goods seller
  2. Large scale retailer
  3. Multiple shop
  4. one of these

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