Marketing Management MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

151. The private content of a transaction, if unprotected can be intercepted when it goes through the route over the internet is called

  1. Spoofing
  2. Unauthorized disclosure
  3. Eavesdropping
  4. Phishing

152. Which of the following is not included in the function of physical supply?

  1. Standardization
  2. Storage
  3. Transport
  4. Packaging

153. .............goods are purchased without any planning or search effort.

  1. Staple
  2. Impluse
  3. Emergency
  4. None of these

154. .............goods are purchased on a regular basis.

  1. Staple
  2. Impluse
  3. Emergency
  4. None of these

155. ........are retail stores owned by a group of consumers themselves

  1. Super Bazar
  2. Shopping mall
  3. Consumer co-operative store
  4. None of these

156. a system of branch shops operated under a centralized management and dealing in similar lines of goods.

  1. Super market
  2. Multiple shops
  3. Self service store
  4. None of these

157. Which of the following is not included in the micro environment

  1. Suppliers
  2. Publics
  3. Economic
  4. Customers

158. Advocacy advertising is also called

  1. Support advertising
  2. Rapport advertising
  3. Cause advertising
  4. None of these

159. ..........refers to duplicating the brand image of one product of promote another product of the same brand

  1. Surrogate advertising
  2. Shortage advertising
  3. Advocacy advertising
  4. None of these

160. Smaller companies tying up with leading companies to distribute through its network is known as ..........Distribution.

  1. Syndicated
  2. selective
  3. exclusive
  4. intensive

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