HRM MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

11. Which of the stages below are part of the Systematic Training Cycle?

  1. Analyse operating conditions
  2. Design training
  3. Deliver on timeEvaluate customer feedback

12. The term emotional labour is associated with which author?

  1. Arlie Hochschild
  2. Stephen Fineman
  3. David Sims
  4. Yiannis Gabriel

13. Which one is not the specific goal of human resource management?

  1. Attracting applicants
  2. Separating employees
  3. Retaining employees
  4. Motivating employees

14. Why is job analysis so infused with organisational politics?

  1. Because it is a process which could lead to contraction of employees in a department and therefore diminishing its power base
  2. A result of interdepartmental rivalry
  3. Because it is not an objective activity
  4. Because it is a process through which companies try to shed labour

15. In strategic human resource management, HR strategies are generally aligned with:

  1. business strategy
  2. marketing strategies
  3. finance strategy
  4. economic strategy

16. How can HRM help to build successful cross-border alliances?

  1. By ensuring that organisations spend 25% of their budgets on cross-border alliances
  2. By ensuring that a strategy is in place before embarking on a cross-border alliance
  3. By ensuring that organisations export their ideas to other societies and cultures
  4. By ensuring that international joint ventures are staffed by high-quality managers

17. People cast in the role of contributors to production are called …………….

  1. Capitalist
  2. Land owners
  3. Human Resources
  4. Consumers

18. Management function arises as a result of:

  1. Consumer preferences
  2. Abundance of capital
  3. Expansion of industry
  4. Shortage of labour

19. To achieve goals organisations require employees:

  1. Control
  2. Direction
  3. Commitment
  4. Cooperation

20. Quality- oriented organisation primary concern centers around ………………

  1. Coordination
  2. Communication
  3. Human Resources
  4. Discipline

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