E Commerce MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

51. Which, if any, of the following types of ads are people most willing to tolerate?

  1. pop-under ad
  2. pop-up ad
  3. banner ad
  4. none of the above

52. Which of the following is an Internet-based company that makes it easy for one person to payanother over the Internet?

  1. electronic check
  2. electronic bill presentment and payment
  3. conversion rates
  4. financial cybermediary

53. Which of the following is a method of transferring money from one persons account toanother?

  1. electronic check
  2. credit card
  3. e-transfer
  4. none of the above

54. An electronic check is one form of what?

  1. e-commerce
  2. online banking
  3. e-cash
  4. check

55. If you need to transfer money to another person via the internet, which of the following methods could you use?

  1. financial cybermediary
  2. electronic check
  3. electronic bill presentment and payment
  4. all of the above

56. Which of the following permits the transmission of a bill, along with payment of that bill, to be conducted over the Internet?

  1. financial cybermediary
  2. electronic check
  3. electronic bill presentment and payment
  4. all of the above

57. A combination of software and information designed to provide security and information for payment is called a what?

  1. digital wallet
  2. pop up ad
  3. shopping cart
  4. encryption

58. What is the name for direct computer-to-computer transfer of transaction informationcontained in standard business documents?

  1. internet commerce
  2. e-commerce
  3. transaction information transfer
  4. electronic data interchange

59. Which of the following is used in B2B to pay for purchases?

  1. e-commerce
  2. financial electronic data interchange
  3. electronic data exchange
  4. electronic checks

60. Public key encryption uses multiple keys.  One key is used to encrypt data, while another is used to decrypt data.  The key used to encrypt data is called the _____ key, while the key used todecrypt data is called the _____ key.

  1. encryption, decryption
  2. private, public
  3. encryption, public
  4. public, private

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