Customer Relationship Management (CRM) MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

21. Aggregate value of customers base is classified as

  1. shareholder value
  2. base value
  3. retention value
  4. marketers base value

22. Record which is based on business customers past purchases, sales price and volumes is classified as

  1. business database
  2. customer database
  3. databases marketing
  4. company marketing

23. Whole cluster of benefits when company promises to deliver through its market offering is called

  1. value proposition
  2. customer proposition
  3. product proposition
  4. brand proposition

24. Third step in customers value analysis

  1. assessing attributes importance
  2. assessing companys performance
  3. monitoring competitors performance
  4. both b and c

25. All costs customer expects to incur to buy any market offering is called

  1. total economic cost
  2. total functional cost
  3. total customer cost
  4. total functional cost

26. Percentage or number of customers who move from one level to next level in buying decision process is called

  1. conversion rates
  2. marketing rates
  3. shopping rates
  4. loyalty rates

27. Customized products and services for customers and interaction to individual customers are part of

  1. retailers management
  2. customer relationship management
  3. company relationship management
  4. supplier management

28. Companys customer relationship capital is another name of

  1. satisfied customers
  2. dissatisfied customers
  3. customer retention
  4. customer conversion

29. Companys monetary, time and energy cost, all are included in

  1. total customer cost
  2. psychological cost
  3. personal benefits
  4. image benefits

30. A person or company that yields a revenue more than incurred costs of selling and serving is called

  1. dissatisfaction
  2. superior value
  3. profitable customers
  4. satisfied customers

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