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31. When you have been left in a waiting room for someone to come and collect you and take you to their office:

  1. Use that time to look over the reports you have brought with you to give to them.
  2. Use the time to relax and return calls or check your voice mail messages.
  3. Do nothing except wait expectantly for the person to come and collect you.

32. You are attending a conference and you would like to have the card of a senior executive you meet. How do you get it?

  1. You offer them your card and ask them for theirs.
  2. You tell them you need their card so you can remember their name.
  3. You create an opportunity and establish rapport with them and develop a specific reason for them to ask you for your card in hopes they will offer you theirs.

33. You have a meeting with a colleague from a different department scheduled for 10:00am. Youve spoken to the receptionist and you have been waiting outside the colleagues office for a while and it is now 10:05. You want to make sure the person knows youre there. You:

  1. Peek your head in the doorway and say Excuse me
  2. Stand near the door where your colleague will see you
  3. Continue to sit and wait
  4. Enter the office confidently, introduce yourself and remind them you have a 10:00 am meeting.

34. You pass a co-worker in the hallway and he asks How are you?. You respond by:

  1. Telling him that your back has been hurting you and you have a cold
  2. Saying Fine, thanks
  3. Explaining that you are tired and stressed out in your job

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