Business Etiquette MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

21. To master the art of networking:

  1. Always take plenty of information with you about your product or service to take advantage of making a good sale or a promising business connection.
  2. Take cards and talk to people with whom you might develop a meaningful and mutually beneficial relationship over time and who might eventually buy or refer your companys product or services.
  3. Gather as many cards as possible and when you get back to the office; send them all a formal business letter along with your companys collateral material related to your product or service. Follow up with a phone call in two weeks time.

22. What is one of the problems in business today that result from poor listening skills?

  1. Broken relationships
  2. Short term memory
  3. All of the above

23. When breaking the ice with a contact at the beginning of a meeting it is appropriate to discuss such things as the weather, politics and traffic.

  1. True Statement
  2. False Statement

24. When corresponding with a business contact by email you should:

  1. Be as formal as if you were writing an actual letter on paper
  2. Be a little more informal to appear up-to-date with technology and the trend towards a relaxed work atmosphere

25. When dealing with corporate politics, its usually best to:

  1. Let people know where you stand on issues, so you can work toward what it is that you believe.
  2. Create relationships with people who will side with you to create a corporate consensus against those who dont agree with you.
  3. Respect all peoples opinions and treat everyone fairly to help make the best decision for the success of the company.

26. When giving a compliment, its best to:

  1. Give a compliment to someone so that many people can hear the praise you are giving them.
  2. Give compliments to everyone in the office so everyone receives regular praise.
  3. Compliment specific behaviours regarding work, avoid personal compliments.

27. When making a business introduction between two people, the most important rule to remember is:

  1. Say your own name before introducing the two people
  2. Use the name of the most important person first in the introduction.
  3. Repeat the names of the people involved in the introduction twice so they i will remember each others names and their proper pronunciation of those names.

28. When making an entrance into an office with people working at their desks, its always best to:

  1. Do your best to not draw attention to yourself.
  2. Appear pleasant and greet people by saying hello to those at the desks.
  3. Walk in a room and stand there and wait patiently for someone to look up and recognize that you need help.

29. When meeting a contact of the opposite sex the man should wait for the woman to initiate the handshake.

  1. True Statement
  2. False Statement

30. When you are a guest in someones office, it is best to:

  1. Stay long enough so they can get to know you before you begin talking about business so they will learn to trust you.
  2. Be brief. Offer them leave-behinds. Follow up when you say you will.
  3. Answer questions you know they will ask (before they ask them) and provide them with a full educational opportunity about your product or service.

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