Business Economics MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

61. Data Can be classified as

  1. Private & Government
  2. Primary & Secondary
  3. Private & Public
  4. none

62. Corporation Bank & Air India are the examples of

  1. Fixed capital
  2. Artificial capital
  3. private capital
  4. public capital

63. Consecutive rectangles in a Histogram have no space in between

  1. True statement
  2. False statement
  3. both
  4. none

64. ACRP stands for

  1. Agro-Commodity Regional Planning
  2. Agro-Climatic Rational Planning
  3. Agro-Climatic Regional Planning
  4. Allied-Climatic Regional Planning

65. A frequency distribution

  1. Arranges observation in ascending order
  2. Arranges in terms of groups
  3. Relates to a measurable characteristic
  4. all of these

66. 11th Plan had objective of reducing Infant Mortality rate to

  1. 30
  2. 28
  3. 35

67. the official minimum rate at which the Central Bank of a country is prepared to rediscount approved bills held by banks

  1. CRR
  2. SLR
  3. Bank rate
  4. Repo rate

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