Food Science Technology MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

61. flour has been used for many products as a substitute flour for individuals with an allergy to wheat flour.

  1. Cake
  2. Rice
  3. Bread
  4. Soy

62. flour is used in the United States to make soybean milk and low-gluten baked goods.

  1. Rizcous
  2. Soybean
  3. Rye
  4. Wheat

63. Food is a commodity.

  1. global
  2. national
  3. local
  4. state

64. Foods high in or other solutes dry more slowly.

  1. protein
  2. salt
  3. sugar
  4. water

65. Foods that are sterilized by irradiation can be stored for without refrigeration.

  1. years
  2. months
  3. weeks
  4. days

66. For convenience, chocolate is frequently shipped in as a when intended for use by other food manufacturers.

  1. solid
  2. gas
  3. liquid
  4. frozen

67. Fructose is a that is approximately 75 percent sweeter than sucrose.

  1. monosaccharide
  2. disaccharide
  3. peptide
  4. polypeptide

68. Fruits and vegetables are graded based on their and...................

  1. size, shape
  2. color, size
  3. smell, shape
  4. smell, color

69. Fruits and vegetables get their characteristic color from...................

  1. pigments
  2. sugar
  3. sunshine
  4. osmosis

70. fruits produce ethylene gas during ripening.

  1. Nonclimacteric
  2. Climacteric
  3. Orange
  4. Tree

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