Earthworms MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

21. The first body segment of earthworm is

  1. Peristome
  2. Peristomium
  3. Protostomium
  4. Protostome

22. The mode of respiration in earthworm is

  1. Cutaneous
  2. Gills
  3. Pulmonary
  4. Subcutaneous

23. The nephridia of earthworm without nephrostomes are

  1. Integumentary
  2. Pharyngeal
  3. septal
  4. both a and c

24. The parasite found in the seminal vesicle of earthworm

  1. Monocystis
  2. Nosema
  3. Sarcocystis
  4. Nyctotherus

25. The typhlosole in earthworm is related with

  1. Excretion
  2. Absorption
  3. Respiration
  4. Reproduction

26. Which of the following nephridia are not found in earthworm?

  1. macro nephridia
  2. septal nephridia
  3. phayngeal nephridia
  4. integumentary nephridia

27. Which one of the following species of earthworm is not recommended for vermicomposting?

  1. Eudrilus eugeniae
  2. Eisenia fetida
  3. Pheretima posthuma
  4. Perionyx excavatus

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