DNA Replication MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

11. The nitrogenous base is linked to the ribose or deoxyribose sugar via a

  1. Glycosidic bond
  2. Amide bond
  3. Hydrogen bond
  4. Phosphoanhydride bond

12. There are 64 codons and 20 amino acids. Which of the following is true?

  1. Several different codons can specify the same amino acid.
  2. Each codon specifies a different amino acid.
  3. Some amino acids have no link to a codon.
  4. Each amino acid is specified by only one codon.

13. What are the subunits that make up DNA molecules?

  1. Amino acids
  2. Nucleotides
  3. Fatty acids
  4. Proteins

14. What is the genetic code?

  1. The sequence of subunits in a DNA molecule
  2. The number of subunits in a DNA molecule
  3. The sequence of subunits in a protein molecule
  4. The number of subunits in a protein molecule

15. Which nucleotide in the figure below indicates the nucleic acid above is RNA?

  1. Uracil
  2. Cytosine
  3. Guanine
  4. Adenine

16. Which of the following are found in both DNA and RNA?

  1. ribose, phosphate groups, and adenine
  2. deoxyribose, phosphate groups, and guanine
  3. phosphate groups, guanine, and cytosine
  4. phosphate groups, guanine, and thymine

17. Which of the following bases pairs with guanine?

  1. Adenine
  2. Guanine
  3. Cytosine
  4. Thymine

18. Which of the following contain hereditary information?

  1. Chromosomes and genes
  2. Chromosomes but not genes
  3. Genes but not chromosomes
  4. Neither chromosomes nor genes

19. Which of the following describes the relationship between chromosomes and DNA molecules?

  1. Each chromosome is made of a single DNA molecule.
  2. Each chromosome is made of more than one DNA molecule.
  3. Each DNA molecule is made of more than one chromosome.
  4. There is no relationship between chromosomes and DNA molecules.

20. Which of the following statements about double-stranded DNA is false?

  1. The backbone contains alternating ribose sugar and phosphate groups.
  2. The two strands have an antiparallel orientation.
  3. The helix has two grooves called the major groove and the minor groove.
  4. The bases are on the outside of the helix.

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