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Biomedical Instruments Question and Answer

1. A femto farad is equal to

  1. 10-15 farad
  2. 10-10 farad
  3. 10-5 farad
  4. 1010 farad

2. Acoustic wave in QCM meets minimum impedance when thickness of device is

  1. Equal to wavelength of acoustic wave
  2. Product of Half of wavelength of acoustic wave
  3. Product of quarter of wavelength of acoustic wave
  4. None of the mentioned

3. Action potential is varying over cell.

  1. True Statement
  2. False Statement

4. Attenuation rate may vary in fiber optic tomography.

  1. True Statement
  2. False Statement

5. BAW stands for

  1. Bulk acoustic wave
  2. Barrier acoustic wave
  3. Barrier avoiding wave
  4. Bulk activated wave

6. Changes in resonant frequency of QCM is proportional to

  1. Mass accumulated in crystal
  2. Crystal used
  3. Time of usage
  4. None of the mentioned

7. CT stands for

  1. Controlled tomography
  2. Computerized tomography
  3. Converted tomography
  4. Comparison tomography

8. Direction of acoustic wave in QCM will be

  1. Same as crystal surface
  2. Opposite to crystal surface
  3. Perpendicular to crystal surface
  4. None of the mentioned

9. ECT stands for

  1. Electro cardio tomography
  2. Electro capacitive tomography
  3. Electro converging tomography
  4. Electro Cornial tomography

10. EMT is working on the basis of

  1. Mutual inductance
  2. Current flow
  3. Self inductance
  4. None of the mentioned

MCQ Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Biomedical Instruments

Biomedical Instruments Trivia Questions and Answers PDF Online

Biomedical Instruments Question and Answer

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