Respiration Question and Answer

31. When Bohr effect occurs due to increased CO2 tension, Oxygen affinity of Hb decreases . The reason for increased CO2 tension is

  1. Increase in P50
  2. Decrease in P50
  3. High CO2 content
  4. High O2 content

32. Haldane effect refers to

  1. Increased CO2 uptake to minimize CO2 tension
  2. Increased O2 tension
  3. Decreased CO2 tension
  4. Decreases O2 tension

33. Hiccup is due to

  1. Increased inspiration
  2. Irritation of Phrenic nerve
  3. Expanded stomach
  4. Acidity in the stomach

34. Pneumotaxic center is

  1. Inhibitory
  2. Accelatory
  3. Activating
  4. None of these

35. Tracheal respiration is found in

  1. Insects and Millipedes
  2. Scorpion and Prawn
  3. Pila and Lobuster
  4. Starfish and Sea cucumber

36. Diaphragm is supplied with Phrenic nerve and is involved in

  1. Inspiration
  2. Parturition
  3. Micturition and Defecation
  4. All these

37. Pinnaglobin is a brown coloured blood pigment present in the plasma of the mollusk Pinn. It contains

  1. Iron
  2. Copper
  3. Manganese
  4. Vanadium

38. Foetal hemoglobin has great affinity than adult hemoglobin because

  1. It binds 2,3 DPG less avidity by Gamma polypeptide chain than HbA
  2. Its concentration is very high
  3. Foetal blood gets oxygen from the mother
  4. Its polypetide chains bind very fast with Oxygen

39. During transportation of Carbon dioxide, blood will not become acidic, because

  1. It contains hemoglobin
  2. It contains Hemoglobinc acid
  3. It contains Buffers
  4. It contains high CO2

40. Mammalian RBC respire anaerobically because

  1. It has stroma inside
  2. It has Haemoglobin
  3. It lacks Mitochondria
  4. It has bicarbonate ions inside

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Respiration Question and Answer

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