Protists and Fungi MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

21. The work of funguslike protists and other decomposers is important in improving the quality of

  1. salt water.
  2. topsoil.
  3. fresh water.
  4. potato crops.

22. What characteristic of plants is shared by green algae?

  1. cell wall composition
  2. multicellularity
  3. photosynthetic pigments
  4. all of the above

23. What effect did the evolution of different forms of chlorophyll in algae have?

  1. a decrease in the range of depths at which algae can live
  2. no effect on the range of depths at which algae can live
  3. an increase in the range of depths at which algae can live
  4. a reduction in the photosynthetic capacity of algae

24. Which of the following is algaes most important contribution to humans?

  1. as a source for industrial chemicals
  2. as a photosynthesizer
  3. as a source for medicinal drugs
  4. as a direct food source for humans

25. Which of the following is NOT a single organism?

  1. rust
  2. yeast
  3. smut
  4. lichen

26. Which of the following statements about fungi is true?

  1. They bind trace elements and hold them.
  2. They do not affect trace elements.
  3. They return trace elements to the soil.
  4. They deplete the soil of trace elements.

27. Which statement about Penicillium is correct?

  1. It produces mushrooms.
  2. It is the source of an antibiotic.
  3. It causes bread to rise.
  4. It causes athletes foot.

28. Which substances allow algae to harvest and use the energy from sunlight?

  1. cilium and fucoxanthin
  2. phycobilin and flagellum
  3. chlorophyll and accessory pigments
  4. oogonium and antheridium

29. Why are algae considered one of the most important groups of organisms on our planet?

  1. They are rich in vitamin C.
  2. They produce much of Earths oxygen through photosynthesis.
  3. They produce chemicals that are used to treat health problems.
  4. They produce chemicals that are used to make plastics, waxes, and paints.

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