Protists and Fungi MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

11. Funguslike protists get nutrients by

  1. photosynthesis.
  2. absorbing them from dead or decaying matter.
  3. living as an animal parasite.
  4. none of the above

12. In an amoeba, a small cavity within the cytoplasm that stores food is called a

  1. gullet.
  2. food vacuole.
  3. pseudopod.
  4. contractile vacuole.

13. Many algae switch back and forth between diploid and haploid stages during their life cycle in a process known as

  1. alternation of generations.
  2. sexual reproduction.
  3. fusion of opposite mating types.
  4. asexual reproduction.

14. Most fungi reproduce

  1. asexually only.
  2. both sexually and asexually.
  3. sexually only.
  4. by budding.

15. Protists that break down organic material include the

  1. funguslike protists.
  2. plantlike protists.
  3. animallike protists.
  4. none of the above

16. Red algae lack flagella and

  1. nuclei.
  2. accessory pigments.
  3. centrioles.
  4. chlorophyll.

17. Some products derived from algae include

  1. drugs for stomach ulcers and high blood pressure.
  2. chemicals in plastics, waxes, paints, and lubricants.
  3. thickeners for food.
  4. all of the above

18. The association of plants and fungi in mycorrhizae illustrates a type of relationship called

  1. parasitism.
  2. competition.
  3. mutualism.
  4. parallelism.

19. The human disease ringworm is caused by

  1. worms.
  2. a fungus.
  3. bacteria.
  4. yeasts.

20. The tangled mass that makes up the body of a fungus is the

  1. hypha.
  2. mycelium.
  3. rhizoid.
  4. stolon.

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