Mineral Nutrition MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

41. Which group is included in micronutrients ?

  1. Mn, Cu, Mo
  2. Cl, Ni, Co, Mg
  3. C, H, O, N
  4. Cl, S, Ni, Fe

42. Which inorganic substance is obtained by N2 - fraction ?

  1. Ammonium
  2. amino acid
  3. Ammonia
  4. Ammonium Hydroxide

43. Which is correct statement for Active transport ?

  1. It occurs in the concentration gradient so ATP is not required.
  2. It occurs in the concentration gradient so ATP is required.
  3. It occurs against the concentration gradient so ATP is not required.
  4. It occurs against the concentration gradient so ATP is required.

44. Which is improper pair of the following ?

  1. Ionic balance in plants - Na
  2. Cell wall component - B
  3. Activation of Nitrogenase - Cu
  4. Required for iron absorption - Ni

45. Which is proper pair of ions and its deficiency symtoms ?

  1. Nitrogen - Induction of dormancy
  2. Potassium - Scorched look to leaves
  3. Phosphorous - Chlorosis
  4. Zinc - Brown spoted of fruit

46. Which is the true statement for the vanadium element ?

  1. deficiency do not regulate the size of stomata.
  2. It is united in the formation of bipolar spindle during cell division.
  3. plant do not get ammonia from the soil, due to its deficiency.
  4. It plays role as structural component of vitamin Biotin and thiamin.

47. Which method of hydroponics is used for providing nutrients to plants or seedlings in environment saturated with fine droplets of nutrients ?

  1. Aeroponics
  2. Continousflow of cultured solution
  3. Static cultured solution
  4. Suspension culture

48. Which method of hydroponics used for raising plants in solution filled containers such as a glass, jars, buckets, tubs and water tanks ?

  1. static solution culture
  2. nutrient film technique
  3. Aeroponics
  4. tissue culture

49. Which of the following is not related with intra cellular fluid ?

  1. Mn
  2. Mg
  3. Mo
  4. Na

50. Which substances of soil water are degraded gradually by, atmosphere and microorganisms ?

  1. Organic material
  2. inorganic material
  3. elements
  4. positive ions

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