Mineral Nutrition MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

31. What is the function of Zn ?

  1. Synthesis of Carboxyalase enzyme
  2. Formation of Indol Acetic acid (IAA)
  3. required for absprption and utilization of Ca.
  4. required for maintenance of ribosomal constituent.

32. Which amino acid acts as a main donor of amino group in transamination ?

  1. Glutamic acid
  2. Glutamine
  3. Glutamate dehydrogenase
  4. Glycine

33. Which amino acid is formed when a keto - glutaric acid reacts with NH3 during transmmination ?

  1. Glutanic acid
  2. Aspartic acid
  3. Oxalo-acetic acid
  4. None of these

34. Which element deficiency shows bronzing leaves ?

  1. K
  2. N
  3. Ca
  4. S

35. Which element is necessary for meristmatic tissue and differentiating tissues ?

  1. Fe
  2. N
  3. Ca
  4. B

36. Which element is necessary to stabilize ribosomes ?

  1. Mn
  2. Mg
  3. Mo
  4. Ni

37. Which element is required for absorption and utilization of calcium ?

  1. Fe
  2. Cu
  3. B
  4. K

38. Which element is required for photolysis of water during photosynthesis ?

  1. Mo
  2. Co
  3. Cu
  4. Cl

39. Which elements play significant role in structure and synthesis ofchlorophyll ?

  1. Fe, Ca
  2. Fe, Mg
  3. Cu, Fe
  4. Mg, Fe

40. Which group is included in Macronutrients?

  1. H, Mn, S
  2. S, P, Ca, Mg
  3. Mn, Cu, N
  4. Na, Cl

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