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Life Process MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

1. ...............are the vessels which carryblood away from the heart to various organs of the body

  1. Veins
  2. spines
  3. arteries
  4. none of the above

2. ............takes in food using temporary finger-like extensions of the cell surface

  1. Amoeba
  2. green plants
  3. tape worms
  4. none of the above

3. Alternate contraction and relaxation of the alimentary canal is called

  1. Peristalsis
  2. Ingestion
  3. Deglutition
  4. None of these

4. Amphibians or many reptiles have....................chambered hearts

  1. One
  2. two
  3. three
  4. four

5. ATP can be used in the cells for the

  1. Contraction of muscles
  2. protein synthesis
  3. conduction of nervous impulses
  4. all of the above

6. Blood pressure is measured with an instrument called

  1. Manometer
  2. sphygmomanometer
  3. hydrometer
  4. anemometer

7. Breaking down of glucose in the presence of oxygen produces

  1. Carbon dioxide
  2. water
  3. energy
  4. all of the above

8. Carbon and energy requirements of the autotrophic organism are fulfilled by

  1. enzymes
  2. photosynthesis
  3. bacteria
  4. none of the above

9. Chlorophyll is contained in

  1. leaf
  2. stem
  3. roots
  4. both A and B

10. Conversion of large fat droplets into smaller droplets are

  1. Anabolism
  2. Neutralisation
  3. Assimilation
  4. Emulsification

MCQ Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Life Process

Life Process Trivia Questions and Answers PDF

Life Process Question and Answer

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