Flowers MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

181. The showy red, pink, or white portions of the poinsettia are called:

  1. flowers
  2. calyx
  3. leaves
  4. bracts

182. The size of the wire is listed according to its gauge number. The higher the gauge number, the................the wire.

  1. heavier
  2. finer
  3. lighter
  4. none of the above

183. The temperature that benefits the majority of flowers held by a florist is 35 degrees to 40 degrees F or..............degrees C

  1. 4 degrees, 4.5 degrees
  2. 5 degrees, 7.5 degrees
  3. 7 degrees, 12 degrees
  4. 15 degrees, 17 degrees

184. The top five cut flower states include California, Florida Hawaii, Colorado and .............................

  1. New York
  2. Alabama
  3. Pennsylvania
  4. Tennessee

185. The treatment given to Easter lilies to speed flowering is called:

  1. hormone treatment
  2. presale
  3. hardening off
  4. precooling

186. The two best times to harvest are late afternoon and morning.

  1. True Statement
  2. False Statement

187. The unit of heat measurement used in the greenhouse industry is the:

  1. Natural gas
  2. BTU
  3. kilowatt hour
  4. Propane tank

188. The US cut flower market relies heavily on imports from other countries.

  1. True Statement
  2. False Statement

189. The use of negative spaces or voids within the arrangement is equally as important as sizes of flowers in creating a pleasing proportion.

  1. True Statement
  2. False Statement

190. The....................(or art) are rules and guide lines to help a floral designer create a beautiful composition.

  1. Floral Design
  2. Principles of Design
  3. Interior Design
  4. Principles of Flowers

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