First aid MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

41. To care for a victim with a sucking chest wound, you would?

  1. Cover the wound completely with a sterile gauze pad
  2. Cover the wound with a dressing that doesnt allow air to pass through
  3. Apply ice pack to the wound
  4. Both a and c

42. A student on your bus has a severe cut in the groin area, what do you do?

  1. Cover the wound with a sterile dressing applying direct pressure
  2. Elevate the students feet and apply a sterile dressing to the wound, apply pressure to groin area
  3. Drive the bus to the nearest hospital or fire station
  4. Cover wound with sterile dressing & apply pressure to femoral artery pressure

43. A person, who is unconscious, not breathing, has a weak pulse, needs

  1. CPR
  2. Hiemlick maneuver
  3. Rescue breathing
  4. Back blows and chest thrusts

44. A boy on the bus goes into diabetic shock, what do you do?

  1. Drive the bus straight to the hospital
  2. Ask him where his insulin is and give him a shot
  3. Do not give him food or drink
  4. Make him comfortable; give him a non-diet drink, candy, or something with sugar in it

45. When giving care for external bleeding, what should you do first?

  1. Elevate the injury
  2. Apply direct pressure
  3. Apply a loose dressing
  4. Apply a tourniquet

46. Your role in making the EMS system work effectively includes four steps.

  1. Elevate, Identify, decide, execute
  2. Check, call, care, protect
  3. Recognize, decide, call, provide
  4. None of the above

47. Signals of an allergic reaction to a bee sting are

  1. Feeling of tightness in the chest and throat
  2. Swelling of the face neck and tongue
  3. Rash, dizziness, or confusion
  4. All of the above

48. What do you do for a chemical burn?

  1. Flush with water, dry, and cover
  2. Flush with large amounts of water and cover
  3. Flush with large amounts of warm water until help arrives
  4. Flush with large amounts of cool water until help arrives

49. An eight year old child is unconscious and the airway is blocked. You should:

  1. Give abdominal thrusts
  2. Begin CPR
  3. Begin Rescue Breathing
  4. All of the above

50. A man is having a heart attack, he has medication with him, what should You do?

  1. Give the medicine to him placing it under the tongue, Call 911
  2. Assist him with the medicine, Call 911, reassure him until help arrives
  3. Call 911, place medicine in mouth and begin CPR
  4. Have the victim lay down, Call 911

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