First aid MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

11. Which should be part of your care for a severely bleeding open wound?

  1. Allow the wound to bleed in order to minimize infection
  2. Apply direct pressure and elevate the injured area (If no broken bones)
  3. Use a tourniquet to stop all blood flow
  4. Both b and c

12. Which of the following behaviors reduces your risk for injury?

  1. Always wearing a safety belt when riding in automobiles
  2. Limiting intake of alcohol
  3. Limiting intake of foods high in cholesterol
  4. Both a and b

13. You should suspect that a victim has head and spine injuries for

  1. An incident involving a lightning strike
  2. A person found unconscious for unknown reasons
  3. A fall from the height greater than the victim’s height
  4. All of the above

14. When caring for a victim with a bloody nose you would not

  1. Apply an ice pack to the bridge of the nose
  2. Apply pressure to upper lip just beneath nose
  3. Have the victim sit with head tilted slightly backward while pinching the nostrils together
  4. Have the victim sit with head tilted slightly forward while pinching the nostrils together

15. Which is the first step when caring for bleeding wounds.

  1. Apply direct pressure with a clean or sterile dressing
  2. Apply pressure at the pressure point
  3. Add bulky dressings to reinforce blood soaked bandages
  4. Elevate the wound

16. What should you do if you think a victim has serious internal bleeding?

  1. Apply heat to the injured area
  2. Call your local emergency phone number for help
  3. Place the victim in a sitting position
  4. Give fluids to replace blood loss

17. A girl at one of your bus stops indicates that she was bitten by a snake,What do you do?

  1. Apply ice to the wound and take to the nearest fire station or hospital
  2. Wash the wound, keeping injured area lower than the heart; get professional medical care within 30 minutes
  3. Cut a 1 cross at the site if injury and suck the poison out, apply ice
  4. Elevate injured area, apply ice, and get professional medical care within 30 minutes

18. Bandages are used for

  1. Applying directly to a wound to soak up blood
  2. To hold dressings in place, apply pressure and control bleeding
  3. Ease pain
  4. Small cuts only

19. You may suspect that a student has been poisoned if they

  1. Are experiencing nausea, vomiting or diarrhea
  2. Have chest or abdominal pain, breathing difficulty
  3. Burns around the lips, tongue, or on the skin
  4. All of the above

20. Breathing emergencies may be caused from

  1. Asthma or Allergic reaction
  2. Hyperventilation
  3. Injury to a muscle or bone in the chest
  4. All of the above

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