Excretion MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

81. Which blood vessel carries least ammount of urea?

  1. Pulmonary vein
  2. Renal artery
  3. Renal vein
  4. Hepatic portal vein

82. Uric acid is formed in human from

  1. purines
  2. protines
  3. glucose
  4. pyrimidines

83. ADH influences water permbeality in the

  1. Regulation of blood pressure
  2. Removal of urea
  3. Regulation of acidity of fluids
  4. secretion of antibiotics

84. Which blood vessel takes blood away from kidney?

  1. Renal portal vein
  2. Renal vein
  3. Afferent arteiote
  4. Efferent artribute

85. uricotelic mode of excreting nitrogenous waste is found in

  1. Reptiles and birds
  2. Birds and annelids
  3. Amphibianls and reptiles
  4. Insects and amphibians

86. Which of the following are uricotelic animals?

  1. Rohu and Frog
  2. Lizard and Crow
  3. Camel and Frog
  4. Earthworm and eagle

87. As compared to efferent arterule the afferent arteriont of kidney is

  1. Shorter and wider
  2. Shorter and narrower
  3. Longer and wider
  4. Longer and narrower

88. Green glands are excretony in function which are found in

  1. Spiders
  2. Moth
  3. Scropions
  4. Prawn

89. Those animals which excrete a large amount of NH3 are

  1. Terretrial
  2. Eegg lying
  3. Amphibions
  4. Aquatic

90. Find the incorrect statement regarding mechanism of urine formation in man

  1. The glomerular filteration rate is about 125 ml/min
  2. Tubular secretion takes place in the PCT
  3. Aldostrone induces greater reabsorption of sodium
  4. The counter current system contributes in diluting the urine

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