Excretion MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

71. Animals which cannot maintain thier osmotic environment at a constant level are called

  1. Osmoregulators
  2. Oamoconfirmers
  3. Pokilotherms
  4. Homeotherms

72. Which hormone induced the process of reabsorption from glomerouous?

  1. Oxytosin
  2. Vasopression
  3. Relkgin
  4. Calsitonin

73. Nitrogenous waste in the Malpighian tubule flows into

  1. PCT
  2. Intestine
  3. Haemocoel
  4. DCT

74. Part of nephron involved in active reabsorption of sodium is

  1. PCT
  2. Ascending limb of Henles loop
  3. Bowmans capsule
  4. DCT

75. Renin is secreted by

  1. PCT
  2. DCT
  3. LOH
  4. JG cells

76. Angitensigngen I is secreted by

  1. Pencreas
  2. JG cells
  3. Liver
  4. Kidney

77. Which are of the following is not a part of a renal pyramid?

  1. Peritubular capilariers
  2. Conoluted tubules
  3. Collecting ducts
  4. Loop of Henles

78. Inner living of Bowmans capsule is lined by:

  1. Podocytes
  2. Squamous calls
  3. Microvilli
  4. Colummar calls

79. Deamination is proccess in which

  1. Poisonous urea is removed from the blood and it occures in kidney
  2. Amino acid is absorbed from the digested food and it occur in intestinal
  3. Amino acid combined with ammonia to from protein
  4. Amino acid broken down to release CO2 and NH2

80. It increases excretion of ca+2 in the kidney

  1. Prostaglandin
  2. Renin
  3. Thyrocalcitonin
  4. Angiotensin

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