Excretion MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

71. Excretory structure of earthworms is

  1. Malpighian tubules
  2. Nephridia
  3. Kidney
  4. Anternal glands

72. Ureotelism is found in

  1. Mammals
  2. Aquatic insects
  3. Tadpoles
  4. Birds

73. The glomenuli are continued to the

  1. Medulla
  2. Calyces
  3. Cortex
  4. REnal Pelvis

74. Columns of Bertini” is the kidney of manimals are found as the extersion of

  1. Medulla into cortex
  2. Cortex into medulla
  3. Medulla into pelvis
  4. Pelvis into ureter

75. It is activated us he change of blood volume and volume of body fluid

  1. Medulla oblongata
  2. Osmoreceptor
  3. Aorta
  4. Renal vein

76. For maintanance of osmoregulation by animals where urea is sored?

  1. Medulla of Kidney
  2. Cortex of Kidney
  3. Renal of pelvis
  4. Renal artery

77. What will happen if the stretch receptor of the urinary bladder wall are totally removed ?

  1. Micturition will continue
  2. Urine will continue to collect normally in the bladder
  3. These will be no nicturition
  4. Urine will not collect in the bladder

78. RAAS secretes which of the following hormones?

  1. Mineralocorticoids
  2. glucoticoids
  3. Both A and B
  4. None of these

79. Which of the following is both osmoregulator as well as nitrogenours product

  1. NH3
  2. Urea
  3. Uric acid
  4. All of these

80. Which of the following is a metabolic waste of nitrogenous substances?

  1. NH3, urea, CO2
  2. NH3, aranine, urea
  3. Urea, NH3, creatinine
  4. Urea, oxugen, SO2

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