Bones MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

11. Which of the following is incorrect?

  1. The adult medullary cavity contains yellow marrow.
  2. The infant medullary cavitycontains yellow marrow.
  3. The infant medullary cavity contains red marrow.
  4. The adult medullary cavity contains adipose tissue.

12. The axial skeleton consists of:

  1. the vertebral column and skull
  2. upper limbs, lower limbs, and pelvic girdle
  3. the skull, vertebral column, and bony thorax (ribs and sternum)
  4. the bony thorax, upper limbs, and pelvic girdle

13. ........... is found in the central canal of long bones.

  1. bone marrow
  2. nerves to the bone
  3. blood vessels to the bone
  4. none of the above

14. The ................... is where longitudinal growth occurs in long bones.

  1. collagen fibers
  2. trabeculae spicules
  3. ground substance
  4. epiphyseal plate

15. Articular cartilage

  1. connects muscle to bone
  2. provides a smooth, slippery surface that decreases friction at joint surfaces
  3. holds the bone in place
  4. holds the joint together

16. Osteons are laid down in layers or rings called:

  1. lamella
  2. spicules
  3. plates
  4. fibers

17. As bones grow, ............ lay down more bone on the outside:

  1. osteoclasts
  2. osteoblasts
  3. periosteum
  4. collagen fibers

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