Apiculture MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

31. Sting apparatus in honey bee is a modified form of

  1. Wax glands
  2. Ovipositor
  3. Alkaline glands
  4. Podical valves

32. The benefits of honey bees are

  1. Honey and pollination of flowers only
  2. Honey and wax only
  3. Wax and pollination of flowers only
  4. Honey, wax and pollination of flowers

33. The fertile female honey bee is called

  1. Queen
  2. Worker
  3. Drone
  4. King

34. The honey bees exhibit a type of dance to communicate the location of food. This is known as

  1. Waggle dance
  2. Tap dance
  3. Round dance and waggle dance
  4. Break dance

35. The stimuli through which a dancing scout bee communicates the location of a food source to other worker bees in a hive are

  1. Visual
  2. Acoustic
  3. Contact
  4. Contact and visual

36. There is a ____________ on the outer surface of the hind tibia in the workers honey bee

  1. Tarsus
  2. Pollen basket
  3. Hook
  4. Hairs

37. What colour can the honey bee not see?

  1. Red
  2. Blue
  3. Green
  4. Yellow

38. What colour is the bees blood?

  1. Red
  2. White
  3. Clear
  4. Black

39. What does pollen consist of mainly?

  1. Carbohydrates
  2. Protein
  3. Fat
  4. None of the three

40. What does the bee use to orientate itself when flying during overcast weather without sunshine?

  1. 3 simple eyes
  2. the 2 compound eyes
  3. antennae
  4. legs

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