Anatomy MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

71. Transverse colon develops from-

  1. foregut and midgut
  2. midgut and hindgut
  3. only hindgut
  4. only midgut

72. Trendelenbergs test is positive in following conditions EXCEPT

  1. dislocation of hip
  2. fracture neck femur
  3. paralysis of gluteus medius
  4. paralysis of gluteus maximus

73. What are the by-products of aerobic metabolism?

  1. Carbon dioxide and water
  2. Carbon dioxide and lactic acid
  3. Lactic acid and water
  4. Lactic acid and oxygen

74. What does prolonged contraction of a muscle cause?

  1. Muscle atrophy
  2. Muscle fatigue
  3. Muscle sprain
  4. Muscle tone

75. What is hypotension?

  1. Low blood pressure
  2. Low cholesterol
  3. High blood pressure
  4. High cholesterol

76. What is the function of the bronchioles?

  1. To prevent friction between the membranes of the lungs
  2. To act as an air passage between the larynx and the bronchi
  3. To take air to the alveoli of the lungs
  4. To act as an air passage that warms and moistens the air

77. What is the Pleura?

  1. Elastic tissue that becomes progressively smaller as it spreads further into the lungs
  2. It is a spongy organ that gases enter and exit
  3. A thin layer of squamous epithelial cells which are surrounded by a capillary network
  4. A serous membrane that surrounds each lung

78. What type of joint is the knee?

  1. Hinge
  2. Ball and socket
  3. Gliding
  4. Condyloid

79. Which nerve injury results in ptosis

  1. occulumotor
  2. trochlear
  3. supraorbital
  4. facial

80. Which of the following nerves is involved in fracture neck humerus?

  1. ulnar
  2. median
  3. axillary
  4. radial

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