Anatomy MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

61. Sensory nerve for upper lip is

  1. facial
  2. infra orbital
  3. buccal
  4. external nasal

62. Separation of the rectus abdominus during pregnancy would mean which type of exercises may need to

  1. Brisk walking
  2. Floor-based abdominal work
  3. Low impact aerobics
  4. Pelvic floor strengthening

63. Structure crossed by root of mesentry is

  1. left ureter
  2. left gonadal vessels
  3. inferior mesenteric artery
  4. 3rd part of duodenum

64. Structure passing deep to hyoglossus is

  1. hypoglossal nerve
  2. myelohyoid nerve
  3. submandibular duct
  4. lingual artery

65. The corneal reflex is absent in the lesion of

  1. supra orbital
  2. opthalmic nerve
  3. infra orbital
  4. occulomotor

66. The ends of a long bone are known as the

  1. Diaphysis
  2. Compact bone
  3. Periosteum
  4. Epiphysis

67. The major neurotransmitter secreted in substantia nigra is

  1. dopamine
  2. serotonin
  3. noradrenalin
  4. gamma amino butyric acid

68. The nerve having Edinger Westphall nucleus as its component is

  1. occulomotor
  2. trochlear
  3. trigeminal
  4. abducent

69. The nucleus located deep to facial colliculus is

  1. trigeminal
  2. abducens
  3. facial
  4. vestibulo cochlear

70. Tract present in superior. cerebellar peduncle is

  1. posterior spino cerebellar
  2. anterior spinocerebellar
  3. cortico ponto cerebellar
  4. olivo- cerebellar

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