Anatomy MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

51. Nerve responsible for fine movements of hand is

  1. radial
  2. ulnar
  3. median
  4. post. interosseous

52. Nerve supply of pyramidalis muscle is

  1. ilio inguinal
  2. subcostal
  3. genitofemoral
  4. ilio hypogastric

53. Nerve supplying the skin over the mandible is

  1. great auricular
  2. greater occipital
  3. mandibular
  4. facial

54. Only abductor of vocal cords is

  1. posterior cricoarytenoid
  2. inter arytenoid
  3. lateral crico arytenoid
  4. cricothyroid

55. Pharyngotypanic tube connects the middle ear cavity with

  1. oropharynx
  2. nasopharynx
  3. nasal cavity
  4. laryngo pharynx

56. Posterior cord of brachial plexus gives following branches EXCEPT

  1. thoracodorsal
  2. axillary
  3. suprascapular
  4. subscapular

57. Pulsations of the femoral artery can be felt at

  1. mid inguinal point
  2. mid point of inguinal ligament
  3. 3.8cm infero lateral to pubic tubercle
  4. 1.5cm above mid inguinal point

58. Red blood cells are

  1. Small biconcave cells with no nucleus or other organelles
  2. Large irregularly shaped cells which contain a nucleus
  3. Small fragile cell fragments which contain mitochondria
  4. Large concave cells with a nucleus

59. Second part of duodenum is developed from

  1. foregut and midgut
  2. midgut and hindgut
  3. only forgut
  4. only midgut

60. Sensory nerve for larynx above the level of vocal cord is

  1. external laryngeal
  2. ansa cervicalis
  3. recurrent laryngeal
  4. internal laryngeal

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