Anatomy MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

11. Commonest position of appendix is

  1. retrocaecal
  2. sub caecal
  3. pelvic
  4. preileal

12. Commonest type of inversion of testes is

  1. superior
  2. anterior
  3. lateral
  4. loop

13. Conjoint tendon is formed by

  1. External and internal oblique
  2. external oblique and transversusabdominis
  3. internal oblique and transversusabdominis
  4. internal oblique alone

14. Cornea lacks all EXCEPT

  1. blood supply
  2. nerve supply
  3. lymphatics
  4. colour

15. Damage to which nerve results in an inability to oppose thumb to the littlefinger?

  1. median
  2. ulnar
  3. radial
  4. anterior interosseous

16. Disc between which vertebra corresponds to the highest point on the iliac crest?

  1. L1-L2
  2. L2-L3
  3. L3-L4
  4. L4-L5

17. First tributary of internal jugular vein is

  1. superior thyroid vein
  2. inferior petrosal sinus
  3. lingual vein
  4. facial vein

18. Following are all the features of cerebellar lesions EXCEPT

  1. dysdidochokinesis
  2. nystagmus
  3. rigidity of voluntary muscles
  4. intention tremors

19. Following are the boundaries of epiploeic foramen EXCEPT

  1. free edge of lesser omentum
  2. quadrate lobe of liver
  3. 1st part of duodenum
  4. inferior vena cava

20. Following are the contents of carpal tunnel EXCEPT

  1. median nerve
  2. ulnar nerve
  3. flexor pollicis longus
  4. flexor carpi radialis

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