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Amphibians Question and Answer

1. What is the name for the early stage of the amphibian metamorphosis?

  1. caterpillar
  2. pup
  3. fry
  4. tadpole

2. Amphibians are

  1. cold blooded and stay active all winter
  2. cold blooded and go into torpor in winter
  3. warm blooded and stay active all winter.
  4. warm blooded and go into torpor in winter

3. The Class Amphibian includes all the following except .........

  1. frogs
  2. salamanders
  3. toads.
  4. snakes

4. Of the following amphibians, which keeps its tail its whole life?

  1. green frogs
  2. toads
  3. salamanders
  4. bullfrogs

5. Which one of the following amphibians returns to the water to lay its eggs?

  1. green frogs
  2. toads
  3. salamanders
  4. All of the above

6. Amphibians:

  1. lay their soft-shelled eggs in water
  2. lay their hard-shelled eggs on land
  3. lay their hard-shelled eggs in water.
  4. lay their soft-shelled eggs on land

7. Amphibians hatch out of their eggs with

  1. lungs and develop gills later
  2. lungs and keep them their whole lives
  3. gills and develop lungs later.
  4. All of the above

8. Which habitat are amphibians never far from?

  1. wetlands
  2. deserts
  3. polar regions
  4. dry scrublands

MCQ Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Amphibians

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Amphibians Question and Answer

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