Nanotechnology Quiz Question with Answer

11. The size of red and white bold cells is in the range of

  1. 2 to 5 micro meters
  2. 5 to 7 micro meters
  3. 7 to 10 micro meters
  4. 10 to 15 micro meters

12. The width of carbon nanotube is

  1. 1nm
  2. 1.3nm
  3. 1.55nm
  4. 2nm

13. There is a plenty of room at the bottom. The statement was given by

  1. Richard Feynman
  2. Issac Newton
  3. Albert Einstein
  4. Eric Drexler

14. Which one of this condiments is unique due to the nanoscale interactions between its ingredients?

  1. Ketchup
  2. Mustard
  3. Mayonnaise
  4. All of the above

15. Who first used the term nano technology and when

  1. Rechard Feynman, 1959
  2. Nario, Taniguchi, 1974
  3. Eric Drexier, 1986
  4. Sumio Lijima, 1991

16. The tensile strength of a carbon nanotube is………………….times that of steel.

  1. 25
  2. 50
  3. 100
  4. 200

17. What is grapheme

  1. a new material made from carbon nanotubes
  2. thin flim made from fullerenes
  3. a software tool made to measure and graphically represent nano particles
  4. a one atom thick sheet of carbon

18. Which of these historical works of art contain nono technology

  1. Lycusgus cup
  2. Medieval stained glass windows in churches
  3. Damascus steel swords
  4. All of the above

19. Which one of the following statement is not correct?

  1. Silicon at the nano scale is insulator
  2. Gold at the nano scale is red
  3. Aluminum at the nano scale is highly combustible
  4. Copper at the nano scale is transparent

20. Optical tweezers

  1. are used to remove facial hair with miniaturized laser beams
  2. use light to manipulate particles as small as a single atom
  3. are a nanotechnology based tool for stamp collections
  4. does not exist

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