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101. The stations and the access points which are within the same radio coverage form

102. The successor of SMS is

103. The symbol for radio interface is

104. The symbol for radio interface is

105. The technology aims at so called ad-hoc piconets is called

106. The two basic settings for WLANs are

107. The two digital systems are..............and..............

108. The two directions, mobile station to base station and vice versa are separated using different frequencies, called

109. To include calenders in WAE, used.

110. To perform Public key authentication with the client the....................primitive is used in WTLS.

111. To reduce interference even further, ..............can be used.

112. Using.................a mobile phone can be connected to a PDA or laptop.

113. WAP stands for

114. WAP transaction layer with its...............offers a lightweight transaction service at the transaction SAP (TRSAP).

115. What comprises all radio specific entities.

116. What describes bit oriented protocol that defines call control signalling for voice and data calls establishment in Bluetooth devices.

117. What is a server problem of wireless networks using CDM.

118. What is the collection of Bluetooth devices which are synchronized to the same hopping sequence.

119. What offers a framework for integration of different www and mobile telephony applications.

120. What presents a simple scheme that solves the hidden terminal problem, does not need a base station is still a random access Aloha scheme- but with dynamic reservation.

121. What refers to a user who has access to the same or similar telecommunication services at different places.

122. What was founded in 1982.

123. Which comprises all algorithms allocating frequencies to transmission channels according to the FDM.

124. Which interface is based on circuit switched PCM-30 systems.

125. Which is also called reservation Aloha.

126. Which is one of the access schemes used in wireless LANs following the std IEEE 802.11.

127. Which is the lowest layer in a communication system.

128. Which layer is responsible for routing packets through network.

129. Which layer is situated at top of all transmission oriented layers.

130. Which layer is used in the reference model to establish an end-to-end connection.

131. Which mode is used for installing network.

132. Which of the following is a disadvantage of MEO?

133. Which one is used for allocating a separated space to users in wireless networks.

134. Which one is very small compared to the data transmission, so the probability of a collision is must lower .

135. Which one of the following is a trunked radio system.

136. Which system use exactly these codes to separated different users in code space and to enable access to a shared medium without interference.

137. Who adopted the standard DECT for digital cordless telephony.

138. Who can provide different levels of security and has been optimized for low bandwidth, high-delay bearer networks.

139. Who handles access to and interaction with mobile telephone system.

140. Who interacts with both management layers and is responsible for additional higher layer functions.

141. Who invented the optical telegraph?

142. Who offers source and destination port numbers used for multiplexing and demultiplexing of data respectively.

143. Who operates on top of many different bearer services capable of carrying data.

144. Who stores all static information about a user as well as his or her current location.

145. Who stores the current position of satellites and a mapping of each user to the current satellite through witch communication to the user is possible.

146. Who was the first to demonstrate the wave character of electrical transmission through space.

147. Wireless Application Protocol Forum(WAP Forum) was founded in

148. Wireless networks can also be used to replace

149. Wireless Transaction protocol is on top of either

150. WML specified as an


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Mobile Communication Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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