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Mobile Communication Questions with Answers

51. GEO stands for

52. GSM uses a TCH to transmit

53. If two or more stations access the medium at the same time, ..............occurs and the transmission data is destroyed.

54. I-mode service introduced in the..............year.

55. In i-mode systems the technical requirements for ringing tone download are

56. In Which year GSM was Founded?

57. In which year, the telephone principle was introduced?

58. In WML document cards can be grouped to form

59. In...............stations sense the carrier & start sending immediately if the medium is idle.

60. is specifically adapted to the wireless domain.

61. Link setup and management between devices including security functions and parameter negotiation is done by

62. Many products today cannot interoperate and needs the additional standard specify an inter access point protocol.

63. MEO satellites have a distance of about

64. MS could use all................slots within a TDMA frame to achieve an AIUR.

65. Name the channel that allows for simultaneous transmission in both directions.

66. Objective of WAP forum is to

67. RTS Stands for

68. RTS stands for

69. Some of the Advantages of WLANs are

70. Strictly centralized scheme with one master station & served slave station is.

71. TDMA stands for

72. The supports the association and re-association of a station to an access point and roaming between different access points.

73. The architecture introduces two new network elements is

74. The attractive force Fg of the earth due to gravity equals

75. The basis for transmission of data in WAP is formed by

76. The bluetooth is a ....................with a very limited coverage and without the need for an infrastructure.

77. The carrier spacing of Bluetooth is

78. The compatibility of Bluetooth is

79. The current www in the internet offers web pages with the help of ......................pages.

80. The data rate for Bluetooth technology is ..............Mbit/s.

81. The duration of a frame is

82. The first refinement of the classical Aloha scheme is provided by the introduction of time slots is called

83. The goal of IEEE 802.11 standard was the specification of a ...................WLAN .

84. The groups of piconets are called as

85. The history of Bluetooth starts in.....................century.

86. The IEEE 802.11 standard belongs to the group of.....................LAN standards.

87. The imode service was introduced in

88. The last known locations of mobile users are stored in

89. The main task includes channel tuning and PHY MIB maintenance.

90. The main tasks of the..............comprise channel coding & error detection / correction.

91. The node available in IEEE 802.11 system architecture includes

92. The only important number for a user of GSM is the

93. The phase in the hopping pattern of piconet is determined by the.................clock.

94. The physical layer subdivided into

95. The satellite move away from current gateway and connect to other is termed as

96. The scheme typical for satellite systems is

97. The segment of the market for mobile & wireless devices which are growing most rapidly network is

98. The service that provides the classic reliable request/response transaction known by many client/server scenarios is

99. The services which are application specific and may need all layers of ISO /OSI model are

100. The specification of air interface is done by......................element of core protocols.


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Mobile Communication

Mobile Communication Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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