Minerals Quiz Question with Answer

21. Steelmakers add other elements to iron to make

  1. softer alloys
  2. weaker alloys
  3. alloys with special properties
  4. more brittle alloys

22. If you broke a mineral into tiny pieces, each piece would

  1. still show the same crystal structure
  2. have the same shape
  3. be roughly the same size
  4. be metallic

23. The color of a minerals powder is called its

  1. streak
  2. luster
  3. density
  4. hardness

24. Which type of mine would be used to remove ore deposits in a vein?

  1. strip mine
  2. shaft mine
  3. open pit mine
  4. smelting mine

25. Which type of mine often has a network of tunnels that extend deep into the ground, following the veins of ore?

  1. strip mine
  2. open pit mine
  3. shaft mine
  4. vein mine

26. When steelmakers add chromium and nickel to iron, the result is

  1. stronger steel
  2. rust-resistant steel
  3. steel that melts easily
  4. steel mixed with slag

27. What is the hardest known mineral?

  1. talc
  2. quartz
  3. diamond
  4. gold

28. What do metal tools and machinery, the metal filament in a light bulb, and steel girders used to frame an office building all have in common?

  1. They are gems
  2. They are magnetic
  3. They are rare
  4. They began as minerals inside Earths crust

29. Although brick, steel, and glass all come from substances found in Earths crust, they are NOT classified as minerals because

  1. they are organic
  2. they are not naturally occurring
  3. they are too hard
  4. they have many uses

30. A narrow channel or slab of a mineral that is different from the surrounding rock is called a

  1. vein
  2. solution
  3. crystal
  4. metal

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