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Metals and Non-metals MCQs questions answers

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Metals and Non-metals Questions with Answers

51. Aluminum bronze is made up of

52. An alloy of Al and Mg is

53. Which of the following is not a property of aluminum?

54. The metal which is soft?

55. The metal with the lowest density from the following is

56. The metal which is liquid at room temperature is

57. Tungsten is used in electric bulbs because

58. The nonmetal which is a good conductor of electricity is

59. Metals combine with oxygen to form _______ oxides.

60. Metals react with water to form oxides or hydroxides and ___

61. Metal which does not react even with steam

62. Which of the following is not a heavy metal?

63. Gold is mixed with copper to

64. Metal surface reacts with oxygen and the moisture present in air and get coated with

65. Eating away of metals by water, oxygen and other chemicals is called

66. Total world production of iron destroyed by rusting is about

67. Corrosion of metals can be prevented when contact between metal and _____is cut off.

68. Iron is galvanized when it is dipped in

69. The process of giving a coating of _____ to copper or brass is called tinning.

70. Which of the following pairs will give displacement reactions?


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Metals and Non-metals

Metals and Non-metals Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

Metals and Non-metals Trivia Quiz

Metals and Non-metals Question and Answer PDF Online

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