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Marketing Management Questions with Answers

201. Which is not a level of brand loyality.

202. Air conditioners are an example of ...........goods.

203. American expression for fast moving consumer goods is ..........goods

204. A person who purchases a product or service either for his own consumption or for others is known as

205. Market where demand for goods is greater than supply.

206. Market in which supply is greater than demand.

207. The word channel is derived from the French word,

208. ..........means the set of marketing intermediaries through which the goods flow from the producer to consumer.

209. a retailer who has fixed place of business in a locality but goes on changing his place to exploit the market opportunities.

210. The negative feeling which arise after purchase causing inner tension is known as

211. Market in which gold and silver are sold

212. ..........advertisement stresses on comparative features of two brands

213. not a commercial advertising

214. In ..........appeals are emotional

215. ..........are generally food stores that are much smaller in size than insupermarkets.

216. Marketing that converts negative demand to positive demand is known as

217. After sales service is part of.

218. Which of the following is not a factor influensing pricing policy

219. Setting price on the basis of the total cost per unit is known as

220. Setting price on the basis of the demand for the product is known as

221. Setting price on the basis of the competition for the product is known as

222. Pricing method based on customer value is known as

223. Premium Pricing is a method of

224. ..........pricing means assigning a low price tag for a product and providing the benefits of low-cost mass production to the customers.

225. Price points of Re1, Rs 2,3,4 etc are used for FMCG brands is known as ..........pricing

226. Which of the following is not a method of cost based pricing

227. not an e-payment media.

228. We guarantee every product we sell, appeal to ...........motive

229. .............influence product line decisions.

230. Which company is the pioneer in the direct marketing ?

231. ..........Is a strategy of entering into an unreceptive or blocked country and practices marketing by using economic, psychological, political and public relation skills etc in that country.

232. Which brands indicate only the product category

233. also known as buzz marketing.


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Marketing Management

Marketing Management Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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