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101. Marketing research is a part of ..........stage of rural marketing strategy.

102. not a pre test to evaluate advertising effectiveness

103. The companies that have become a tried and trusted household name are

104. The act of creating an image about a product or brand in the consumers mindis known as

105. Using the names of companys powerful brands for line extentions is

106. Positioning by emphasising the special attributes and benefits of the product is known as

107. When a firm sets a very low price for one or more of its products with the intention of driving its competitors out of business.

108. The approach used when the marketer wants the consumer to respond on an emotional, rather than rational basis

109. Razor manufacturer will charge a low price and recoup its margin (and more) from the sale of the only design of blades which fit the razor. This I an example of

110. Anything that has the ability to satisfy a consumer need is known as

111. Rural consumers are ..........

112. Shiny hair in case of a shampoo is a ...............utility

113. ..........refers to the way a service provider and his employees anticipate what the customers want and provide them before they ask for service to make them delighted and surprised.

114. The only revenue producing element in the marketing mix is.

115. ..........factor is not considered as an important one while selecting channel of distribution

116. Which of the following is not an element of Social marketing mix?

117. If advertising give focus on a particular product or brand, it is known as

118. When the advertisement is to create an image or reputation of the firm, it is a case of

119. The set of all the products a firm made available to consumers buy is called.

120. Trading up is a method of product line modification by.

121. Trading down is a method of product line modification by.

122. ..........means placement of company product or products in the minds of target consumers relative to the competitive products

123. Warehousing creates .........utility

124. Which concept is based on the principle that marketing is not a department but it is pervasive throughout the company.

125. Profit through Customer Satisfaction Is aimed in which concept

126. Where sellers combine several products in the same package is known as

127. Medical treatment with ayurvedic massage is an example of

128. Multilevel marketing is also called

129. not a post test to evaluate advertising effectiveness

130. Yellow goods include ..........goods.

131. General rural markets where rural /tribal people gather once or twice a week on afixed day to exchange/to sell their produce is called

132. Markets located in the heart of the region specializing in few crops like banana, onions etc are called

133. Permanent rural market with continuous trading activity is called

134. Markets which are organized and regulated by statutory measure are

135. Branding is a function of

136. Risk bearing is a function of

137. The Concept of USP was introduced by

138. Markets popularly known as haats and shandies are

139. not a consumer promotion scheme

140. ..........distribution system can be used to penetrate the rural market.

141. SEM means ..........

142. Departmental store is an example of

143. #NAME?

144. called shopping by post

145. Which of the following is importance of e-marketing?

146. When there is a large potential market for a product, the firm will adopt.

147. Social class is an element of ..........factor

148. ..........involves some one masquerading as someone else.

149. When information about transactions is transmitted in transparent way hackers can catch the transmissions to obtain customers sensitive information. This is known as

150. ..........Is a specialized form of online identity theft.


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