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Marketing Management Questions with Answers

51. is one in which two or companies join together to exploit a marketing opportunity either by themselves or by creating an independent unit

52. Which of the following is not a services?

53. The retailer sells goods in ..........

54. A good catchy phrase used and repeated often in an advertisement is

55. Which of the following is not a characteristic of service marketing?

56. Services are .............

57. The strategy of using as many out lets as possible is called

58. refers to achieving marketing objectives throughapplying digital technologies such as web sites.

59. Word of mouth marketing through electronic channels like email, internet etc isknown as

60. Revival plans to reintroduce the product in more modified form is adopted in which stage of PLC.

61. The major four elements of distribution mix are channels of distribution,transportation, Warehousing, and ..........

62. not a feature of advertising

63. Which of the following is not a limitation of branding

64. When manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers jointly share the expenditure onadvertising, it is called

65. Which of the following is not a non store retailing?

66. If marketing is done through information and ordering machine placed in stores, it is known as

67. .........are the retailers who have no fixed place of business.

68. Marketing Environment is

69. Serving a small market not served by competitors is known as

70. Products adapted to the perceived unique characteristics of national markets

71. Products seen as having extension potential into other markets

72. Products seen as only suitable in one single market

73. Products designed to meet global segments

74. A major portion of the rural population consists of ..........income groups.

75. In marketing, MRP stands for

76. Brands owned and developed by producers are known as

77. not a step in advertising campaign

78. The group of elements price, product, promotion and place constitute

79. All forces or factors that effect marketing policies, decisions and operations of a business constitute

80. all the written or spoken matter in an advertisement expressed in words or sentences and figures designed to convey the message.

81. ..........simply refers to product planning.

82. ..........are those who obtain title to goods with a view to selling them at profit

83. Which of the following is not an e-marketing tool?

84. Market where money is lend and borrowed

85. Market where currencies of different countries are bought and sold.

86. Market where shares, debentures, bonds etc of companies are bought and sold.

87. a system of selling goods directly to customers through a network of selfemployed people

88. MILMA is an example of ..........type of shop

89. Trade mark is a

90. If goods directly move from producer to consumer, it is known as

91. a low cost communication tool that can be easily tested, refined and rolled out.

92. An airline working with a tour operator or a hotel group is an exampleof

93. For rural marketing ..........pricing is more suitable.

94. Introducing a product at low price and increasing the price once the brand succeeds is known as ..........Pricing.

95. Which of the following is not an element of service marketing mix?

96. The process of direct communication between the sales person and a prospect is called

97. The concept of marketing mix was developed by

98. not included in the product factor

99. Transport system creates .........utility.

100. Profiling the rural market is a part of ..........stage of rural marketingstrategy.


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Marketing Management Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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