Layers of the Earth Quiz Question with Answer

11. What is the heat source for convection currents?

  1. mantle
  2. crust
  3. inner core
  4. asethenosphere

12. Which layer is made up of liquid iron?

  1. inner core
  2. outer core
  3. mantle
  4. crust

13. Which layer is made up of mostly oxygen and silicon?

  1. aesthenosphere
  2. mantle
  3. lithsophere
  4. crust

14. Which of the following statements is NOT true about continental crust?

  1. it can be found beneath the ocean
  2. it is upto 100km thick
  3. it forms the continents
  4. it is thicker and less dense than oceanic trust

15. Which of these is an element commonly found in solid form within Earth's crust?

  1. copper
  2. bronze
  3. steel
  4. nitrogen

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