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MCQ quiz on Kings, Farmers and Towns multiple choice questions and answers on Kings, Farmers and Towns MCQ questions onKings, Farmers and Towns: Early States and Economies for Class 12 History CBSE objectives questions with answer test pdf for exams.

Kings, Farmers and Towns Questions with Answers

1. Who appointed Dhamma Mahamatas ?

2. Who composed The Harshcharitra, a biography of Harshavardhana ?

3. Who composed the Prayag Prashasti in praise of Samudragupta?

4. Who deciphered Brahmi and Kharoshtl scripts?

5. Who founded the Mauryan Empire ?

6. Who issued the first coins bearing the names of rulers ?

7. Who was Dhamma Mahamatta ?

8. Who was Prabhavati Gupta ?

9. Who was the court poet of Samudragupta, arguably the most powerful of the Gupta rulers

10. Who was the owner, master of a household

11. Who were a clan of nomadic people living in China ?

12. Why is the 6th century BCE often considered a major turning point in Indian history ?

13. According to a rock inscription in Sanskrit, composed around second century CE the Sudarshana lake was repaired by a king of the

14. Alexander Cunningham published asset of Asokan inscription in

15. An.............was land granted to a brahamana, who was usually exempted from paying land revenue.

16. Asoka is mentioned by which titles in his inscriptions ?

17. Consider the following statements about the Mauryan Empire:
1. There were 5 major political centres in the Empire.
2. Megasthenes wrote about the Mauryan Empire in his book Indica.
3. Ashoka founded the Mauryan Empire in 321 B.C.
4. Ashoka used his resources to propagate Buddhism.
Which of the above statements is/are correct?

18. Consider the following statements about the Mauryan Empire:
1. There were 5 major political centres in the Empire.
2. Megasthenese wrote about the Mauryan Empire in his book Indica.
3. Asoka founded the Mauryan Empire in 321 B.c.
4. Asoka used his sources to propogate Buddhism.
Which of the above statements is/are correct ?

19. Consider the following statements regarding Magadha.
(i) Magadha was the most powerful mahajanapada.
(ii) Initally Pataliputra was the capital of Magadha and later it was shifted to Rajagriha.
(iii) Elephants were found in abundance in the forests of Magadha.
Which of the above statement (s) is /are correct ?

20. Directions - There are two statements one labelled as Assertion & the other labelled as Reason (R) .Each question has 4 option A,B,C,D select the one correct answer.
Assertion : Patanjali attests that during the Mauryan times,new cults and superstitions were introduced for the sake of money.
Reason (R) : The treasury needed to be adequately filled to meet any unforeseen economic crisis in the kingdom.

21. Harishena was a court poet of

22. How many Mahajanapadas were there?

23. Magadha is present day..............state.

24. Megasthenes mentions a committee with six subcommittees of military of which the fifth looked after

25. Name the languages in which the Asokan inscriptions were written.

26. One of the political center mentioned is Asokan inscriptions Suvarnagiri is also known as

27. Pataliputra is present day.............state.

28. Sangam is a literature of ...........................language.

29. The Arthashastra was composed by

30. The earliest capital of Magadha was Rajagaha which means

31. The early Tamil Sangam literature mentions slaves known as

32. The first issue of Epigraphia Indica was published in

33. The Greek ambassador to the court of Chandragupta Maurya is

34. The Prakrit name of Rajagaha is present Bihar.

35. The Prayaga Prashasti was composed in

36. The term Sovanika was used in ancient india as reference to

37. Ventures of which of the following traders were risky but highly profitable ?

38. What are big rocks kept on the burial in the central and south India called ?

39. What is James prinsep's contribution in the development of the Indian epigraphy ?

40. What is known as study of coins ?

41. What were the guilds of the merchants and craftsmen called?

42. Which of the following is not one of the main features of Asoka's dhamma?

43. Which of these was the most powerful Mahajanapada from 6th to 4th century BCE ?

44. Which was the first capital of Magadha?


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Kings, Farmers and Towns

Kings, Farmers and Towns Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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