Java Quiz Question with Answer

21. We can compile java program with following command

  1. java-version
  2. javac
  3. jre
  4. java

22. Class file must have extension ______.

  1. .sample.class
  2. .class
  3. .cls
  4. .java

23. The name of the class file is created automatically when you compile the program with the javac command.

  1. true
  2. false

24. _______ is a compiled Java program that can be executed by the _______ command.

  1. class file & javac
  2. class file & java
  3. source file & java
  4. source file & javac

25. Java source code is compiled into _______.

  1. Bytecode
  2. .exe
  3. Source code
  4. .obj

26. Which of the tool is used to compile java code?

  1. javac
  2. jar
  3. java
  4. javadoc

27. Which of the following tool used to execute java code.

  1. javadoc
  2. java
  3. rmic
  4. javac

28. Which of the following is used to interpret and execute Java Applet Classes hosted by HTML.

  1. appletshow
  2. appletscreen
  3. appletviewer
  4. appletwatcher

29. HTML based Java Documentary help can be accessed using

  1. none of these
  2. javadoc
  3. javahelp
  4. javamanual

30. jar stands for ________.

  1. none of these
  2. Java Archive
  3. Java Application Runner
  4. Java Archive Runner

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